Nature of Business
Agent diversified international express:

FedEx Express DHL Express TNT express UPS Express International Express Line EMS mainland, EMS Hong Kong

Hong Kong to China Express:

With a professional customs declaration team, we can transfer the goods quickly and accurately into the mainland.

Domestic to Hong Kong Express:

Warehouse to warehouse transfer business, door-to-door dispatch and warehouse discharge business

It provides one-stop transshipment service, which is convenient and fast. In addition, it can provide customers with "Textile Import Certificate" agency service free of charge, so that you feel really worry free and assured!

Comprehensive international air and sea transportation:

A group of professional and enthusiastic business personnel provide you with comprehensive logistics support, including air and sea transportation channels in Southeast Asia, Western Europe, the United States, Canada and the Middle East.

Multimodal general trade (general goods) customs declaration:

Our company has launched diversified trade agency customs declaration business, and professional salesmen are at your service 24 hours a day.

Undertake international transportation agency business for import and export goods, international exhibits, personal goods and transit goods by sea, land and air, and international express delivery business, including: Cargo solicitation, space booking, charter, transit, container assembly and unpacking, settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges, customs declaration, inspection application, insurance, international multimodal transport and related short-distance transportation services and consulting business; Warehousing, cargo handling, handling, processing, packaging, distribution and information processing services and consulting services; General cargo transportation.

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