FedEx international express
FedEx international express

1. Introduction to TNT International Express

Founded in 1946, TNT express is the world's leading express postal service provider, providing a full range of express and postal services for corporate and individual customers. Headquartered in the Netherlands and distributed in

In more than 200 countries and regions, TNT express has 74000 employees (as of the end of 2007). Its efforts in corporate social responsibility have been recognized by the international community, and it is the first company in the world to be recognized

Express enterprises with "investment in people" certification.

Yongli Tongda is the domestic agent of TNT International Express. It uses its domestic advantages to provide a stable source of goods for TNT and become a close partner with TNT. Yongli Tongda TNT is constantly promoting

While the company's business has achieved great success, it always adheres to customer-centric, provides customers with comprehensive international and cross-border services, and can consistently provide customers with innovative delivery solutions


2. Advantages of TNT International Express

A. TNT has a relatively complete network in Europe and Asia, and continues to expand its global network. The overall price is relatively low. TNT can be selected for international express to Europe and Asia.

B. TNT has frequent postal business exchanges with various countries and has obvious advantages in customs clearance. Timeliness is higher than that of competitors.

C. High quality service, TNT always maintains the concept of high-quality service for customers, and highly ensures that customers' delivered goods can reach the recipients safely and quickly

3. TNT International Express related parameter standards

TNT express

Relevant parameter standards

Billing weight

From 0.5kg

Cargo size

Each country is different. Please consult Wynn Tongda salesman

Bubble counting

Yes. Calculation method of volume weight: longest × highest × Maximum width / 5000

Receiving country

180 countries worldwide

Reference aging

2-5 days in European and American countries and 2-7 days in other countries


The price discounts are different in different countries of destination. Please consult the salesman for details



Insurance services

The insurance service charge is RMB 2 / ticket for packages with a value of no more than 2000 yuan, and 0.4% of the insured value for packages with a value of more than 2000 yuan -.

Fuel rate

For monthly changes, please pay attention to the announcement on Yongli Tongda website

Waybill requirements

In triplicate, the waybill shall provide detailed sender information, recipient information, number of pieces, weight, product name and customs declaration value

Customs clearance data

If relevant customs clearance documents are required, please attach such documents to the goods together with the waybill and invoice. Such as license, certificate of origin, commodity inspection certificate, fumigation certificate

FDA certificate, MSDS certificate, etc

Restricted mailing range

Dangerous goods, liquids and powders prohibited by aviation; The state expressly prohibits the export of goods, such as antiques, currency and other products

Remote query

For express delivery to remote areas, a remote area surcharge shall be charged, the standard is RMB 2 / kg, and the minimum charge per ticket is RMB 50; Remote surcharges need to be added

Oil, remote query:

4. Warm tips

1) For goods with large volume and light weight, they will be charged according to the actual weight or volume weight, whichever is greater;

2) Our current TNT service mode: Global Express (15N)

3) Closing time: 14:00 PM

4) If the single bill of goods exceeds 500kg, additional fees may be charged. Please call our salesperson; This channel does not accept shipments from Hong Kong.

5) TNT value added services:

6) Charging standard for value-added services

Additional charge for regular service (RMB)

Chaojiu express 180

Chaoshi express 120

Noon express 60

Priority 50
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