News > The development of intelligent logistics in 2018 will show five trends next year!
With the development of the times, intelligent logistics has become an important way for everyone to connect with the world.

In 2018, from intelligent brain, intelligent storage, unmanned sorting to UAV, unmanned vehicle and other emerging things, from artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data to face recognition, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, intelligent logistics is changing from "new" to "Xing", serving the production and delivery of hundreds of millions of packages every day, injecting fresh experience into the life of every ordinary person.

In the coming 2019, these logistics technologies will continue to promote the subversion and innovation of the whole logistics industry. Under the new technological breakthrough, intelligent logistics will have a different new trend.

1、 China's key technologies and equipment for intelligent manufacturing and intelligent warehousing will continue to explode

The emerging logistics technology represented by intelligent warehousing is becoming more and more important and has become one of the key technical equipment of Intelligent Manufacturing in China. The three-year action plan for promoting the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology at the end of 2017 clearly points out to improve the intelligent level of logistics equipment such as high-speed sorter, multi-layer shuttle car and high-density storage shuttle board, so as to realize accurate, flexible and efficient material distribution and unmanned intelligent storage.

2018 is a year of rapid development of intelligent warehousing. Taking Jingdong Logistics as an example, during the double 11 of this year when e-commerce launched a shopping carnival, Jingdong Logistics announced to use the country's largest robot warehouse group, the number of unmanned warehouses at different levels reached 50, and more than 20 kinds of robots responsible for sorting, storage and handling. Meanwhile, JD's "Asia No. 1" continued to improve order processing efficiency, and the daily order processing volume of the double 11 monomer warehouse exceeded 700000 orders.

When the "explosive growth" of orders brought by the big promotion no longer leads to the "explosive effect" of warehousing, the role of intelligent logistics behind it is obvious. Research from tractica shows that by 2021, the global market scale of warehousing and logistics robots will reach US $22.4 billion, and the future development space of the industry as a whole is broad.

At the same time, China's storage cost per unit GDP is 2-3 times higher than that of developed countries. Therefore, it promotes the upgrading of logistics equipment. Storage is the field with the largest demand and is expected to be the first to fully apply intelligent equipment.

2、 With the advent of commercial automatic driving technology, the end distribution link may take the lead in large-scale

From the latest logistics technology released by major enterprises in 2018, JD, Baidu and even meituan have launched various products based on automatic driving technology, including unmanned heavy truck, unmanned distribution vehicle and takeout robot. For example, the independently developed L4 unmanned heavy truck released by JD has completed 2400 hour road test in Silicon Valley. At the end, JD's unmanned distribution vehicle moved from a closed park to an open road in 2018, and established the world's first intelligent distribution station composed of robots.

Industry insiders pointed out that the advantages of unmanned heavy truck in trunk logistics transportation, intelligent network construction and driver manpower saving need not be mentioned. However, due to its huge volume, complex technical requirements and many restrictions in laws and regulations, it is still a great challenge to realize business in a short time, and more will be used in closed ports, transportation stations, test roads and other scenarios.

Compared with unmanned heavy trucks, it is relatively simple for unmanned delivery vehicles and takeout robots that focus on serving the last kilometer to go to practical application. According to the analysis of insiders, the complexity and universality of the automatic driving technology in the end link are not so strict. Especially with the support of high-precision map, lidar and 5g technology, the commercialization road in the logistics field may be smoother in 2019.

3、 New products are constantly launched, emphasizing independent research and development, but open sharing has also become a trend

In the face of the technological revolution, "mastering core science and technology" is an inextricable topic. Throughout 2018, around the links of transportation, storage, loading and unloading, processing, sorting and distribution, more and more intelligent logistics equipment independently developed by enterprises have become closer and closer to consumers, such as unmanned warehouse, unmanned vehicle, UAV, unmanned transfer station, intelligent express cabinet, intelligent express box, etc.

In 2018, Jinghong, a branch line UAV independently developed by JD, went offline and completed its first flight, and obtained a UAV logistics operation license covering Shaanxi Province. The land wolf, Sirius, sorting AGV, manipulator and other robots put into use were also self-developed. In addition, SF also signed cooperation with aerospace era electronics to cooperate in the development of UAVs.

Not only satisfied with their own applications, more industry leaders also began to open up mature technical solutions, "enabling" has become an inseparable topic. In 2018, JD logistics announced to make every effort to build a global intelligent supply chain infrastructure network (GSSC) and work with more partners to improve the efficiency of the social supply chain. JD unmanned technology is also fully open, providing multi scene intelligent robots, big data and machine learning, customized unmanned system solutions, unbounded retail solutions, etc. In 2019, for e-commerce logistics giants, the establishment of an intelligent logistics ecosystem will continue through the opening and sharing of technologies, scenarios and modes.

4、 Robots are widely used, and "man-machine CP" will continue to increase

As robots are more applied in the intelligent logistics industry, a new man-machine relationship is also taking shape. In 2018, "man-machine CP" has become one of the key words that the logistics industry has to mention, especially the front-line warehousing and distribution staff. Through the auxiliary application of various core technologies, man-machine partners have become a sharp tool to improve the efficiency of warehousing processing.

For example, for exoskeleton robots, the average weight of a box of consumer goods such as drinks, mineral water and milk loved by consumers is 10-20kg. JD logistics uses exoskeleton robot technology to work with warehouse employees. It can not only easily bend down 3000 times a day, but also calmly carry more than 50kg of goods. In the sorting link, The sorting clerk of JD warehouse used to run half a marathon every day. Now, by operating the shuttle intelligent system, he can complete the picking work without walking every day. On the same day of 618, he also set a record of 10000 pieces of personal picking.

Under the technology trend of man-machine CP, in order to solve the increasingly prominent talent shortage problem, JD logistics has trained logistics elites through the cloud ladder program since the beginning of 2016. It is known as "MBA in logistics industry" because of its high talent screening threshold, devil like training method and other characteristics.

In addition, JD logistics has launched a set of VR intelligent logistics training courses to help new employees get started with intelligent devices quickly and learn easily.

Every birth of new technology will bring the man-machine relationship into a new equilibrium state, as is the case in the era of artificial intelligence. Making robots work with employees is not only an increase in physical and mental strength, but also helps humans solve problems in a new way. In 2019, the new "man-machine CP" will continue to increase, pay more attention to the core technology and the matching of employees, and major e-commerce logistics enterprises will still focus on it.

5、 Intelligent logistics has become an infrastructure and is more closely related to intelligent cities

Express packages are received and sent, logistics vehicles flow continuously, and the storage system operates day and night. Intelligent logistics not only connects production and circulation, but also serves end consumers, and has gradually become the core infrastructure of the city. In 2018, in addition to the continuous birth of new technologies distributed in various logistics links, new intelligent logistics facilities based on new technologies and products are also gradually taking shape.

In 2018, more and more governments incorporated the intelligent logistics system into the urban infrastructure construction at the macro level, and enterprises also began to make strategies and contributions to the urban intelligent logistics planning. For example, Jingdong Logistics jointly initiated the establishment of the Urban Intelligent Logistics Research Institute (xiong'an) with eight units to serve the intelligent logistics and intelligent city construction of xiong'an new area, and carry out underground logistics exploration and forward-looking research.

In terms of more infrastructure, unmanned transfer stations connecting UAVs and UAVs, intelligent distribution stations composed of distribution robots, intelligent street lights cooperating with UAVs, etc. are emerging one by one, which are becoming new infrastructure of the city.

With the intelligent logistics from imagination to reality, and then to become the most basic link of society, city and life, consumers are gradually accustomed to various new scientific and technological methods and embrace the new changes in the logistics express industry. The industry revolution brought by technological breakthroughs is always subversive. In 2019, intelligent logistics is worth looking forward to!
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