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With the development of e-commerce and logistics industry, express logistics has become an indispensable role in life. However, as the demographic dividend subsides and the employment cost continues to rise, the traditional logistics system seeks reform, and the advantages of intelligent warehousing are prominent.

Characteristics of intelligent storage

1. Wide application of automation and intelligence

It mainly refers to the application of hardware, such as automated three-dimensional warehouse system, automatic sorting equipment, sorting robot and wearable equipment, such as VR augmented reality technology; Subdivided, the automated three-dimensional warehouse also includes three-dimensional storage system, shuttle car, etc. the sorting robot mainly includes the application of joint robot, manipulator and spider hand.

2, Internet plus intelligent storage equipment

This part focuses on software, mainly the wide applications of Internet technologies such as big data, cloud computing, AI, deep learning, Internet of things, machine vision and so on. Using these data and technologies for commodity sales and forecasting, as well as the allocation of intelligent inventory and the exploration of personal consumption habits, can realize accurate marketing according to personal consumption habits. At present, enterprises with mature technology, such as JD and rookie, have used large data for pre sorting.

3. Sharing

The emergence of sharing economy is reflected in the field of warehousing, such as the sharing of warehousing and logistics equipment such as pallets, containers and forklifts. For example, rookies outsource the operation and hardware equipment in some warehouses, only responsible for the construction of land and warehouse. In addition, there are warehouse sharing, such as the cooperative warehouse and Jingcang of Jingdong and Danone beverage.

4. Overseas

With the strategy of one belt, one road, and the upgrading of domestic consumption, new opportunities for development in the field of cross-border import and export will be developed. Enterprises will accelerate the globalization of overseas layout and demand for cross-border warehouses will surge.

Intelligent storage equipment

The building of intelligent storage system is inseparable from the organic integration of efficient and advanced software and hardware. The hardware facilities and equipment of intelligent storage are generally divided into the following aspects.

1. Automatic conveying system

It mainly includes belt conveyor line, roller conveyor line and pallet conveyor line, which are mainly used for the transportation of cartons and turnover boxes. Relevant manufacturers mainly include ruishige, dematec, dema, Jin Fengfu, Dongjie intelligence, etc. There are many related manufacturers, and their technical content is relatively lower than that of other systems.

2. Automatic storage system

It includes automated three-dimensional warehouse and automated intensive storage system. The essential equipment of automatic three-dimensional warehouse includes:

1) Stacker: pallet stacker and box stacker;

The main domestic manufacturers include Beiqi, Kunchuan, corundum, etc; The main foreign manufacturers include ruishige, dematec, etc; At present, there is not much technical generation difference between domestic and foreign, but there will be differences in accuracy.

There are pallet conveying systems in the three-dimensional warehouse, such as multi-layer shuttle cars (shuttle cars, child and mother cars, etc.), and companies in this field such as TGW, risige, dematec, Lanjian and MasterCard.

2) Automated intensive storage system: it is mainly used for the storage of boxes. Relevant manufacturers include TGW, ruishige, shengfeier, Yinfei and Taicang. There are not many domestic manufacturers in this field.

3. Automatic sorting system

At present, the automatic sorting system is popular, especially in the express industry and e-commerce warehouse.

1) Cross belt sorting system and flip tray sorting system: mainly used for box sorting and single piece zero picking, suitable for small and light pieces. Better manufacturers include Berman, dematek, China Post, sansuo, etc.

2) Slider sorting system: it is mainly used for box sorting. It is suitable for medium-sized pieces that are not easy to be damaged. Enterprises that do well, such as vanderland, dematek, etc.

3) Balance wheel sorting system: it is mainly used to sort boxes, with a general load of less than 50kg. Such manufacturers include vanderland, dematek, RSG and Luhui in China. Luhui balance wheel sorting series can be divided into multi category diverter, heavy load diverter (maximum load of 100kg) and ultra-high speed diverter (sorting efficiency ≥ 8000 pieces / hour).

4) Ball module belt sorting system: it can sort a wide range of categories. It also has good sorting capacity for soft bags and woven bags with flat bottom. Enterprises that do well, such as Shenzhen Luhui.

4. Robot sorting system

The robot sorting system is mainly a sorting system for goods to people on shelves and bulk goods, typically AGV (automatic guided vehicle). We are familiar with Amazon Kiva sorting system abroad and domestic companies such as jizhijia, fast warehouse and road innovation.

There is a small yellow man sorting system in the AGV sorting system, which is mainly used for bulk sorting, such as Lipu, Haikang and other companies in Hangzhou, Jingdong unmanned warehouse and Shentong sorting warehouse.

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