DHL international express regulations

Hong Kong DHL / Macao DHL Relevant parameters and regulations

Billing weight 0.5kg lifting; Foam count, wood weight = volume / 5000; The greater of the material weight and the actual weight is the billing weight. If there are more than one piece for one ticket, the single piece shall be compared first and then accumulated

Reference aging The reference normal delivery time limit is 2-7 working days (at this time, it is valid from the Express online to the recipient's receipt of the express), except under special circumstances!

Price , Or contact our salesman directly

Waybill tracking : dhl. com

Fuel surcharge Subject to monthly DHL announcement

Waybill requirements Detailed sender information and recipient information shall be provided on the waybill; Number and weight of pieces; Product name and customs declaration value

Customs declaration invoice triplicate

Volume weight limit The longest side of a single package shall not exceed 1.2m, and the single package shall not exceed 70kg. For a single package that is too long and overweight, please consult our customer service personnel before delivery

Prohibited articles Dangerous goods, liquids and powders prohibited by aviation; The state expressly prohibits the export of goods, such as antiques, currency and other products

Note: from January 1, 2011, Hong Kong DHL will fully levy surcharges for oversized and overweight shipments, as follows: if the length exceeds 120cm and the single piece exceeds 70kg, the levy will be RMB 200 per bill of lading. Hong Kong DHL shipping service update notice: Hong Kong DHL service

1. Introduction to DHL 2. Advantages of DHL 3. DHL billing 4. DHL waybill

5. Prescription 6. Tracking service 7. Volume restriction and Overweight Surcharge 8. Prohibited articles

9. Compensation / insurance / other value-added services 10. Customer order system operation 11. Customer order packaging requirements 12. Return parts

1、 Introduction to DHL:

DHL, founded in the United States, is a joint venture express freight company between Germany and the United States. It is one of the largest air express freight companies in the world. DHL is a global leader in express delivery, intercontinental transportation and air cargo. It is also the world's first maritime and contract logistics provider. DHL provides customers with a full range of logistics solutions from documents to supply chain management. DHL can provide services to meet your needs whether documents or packages are delivered today, within a limited time or within a limited day. Internet Express is the first-class agent of Hong Kong DHL express in China. With reasonable price and fast delivery, it is your preferred international express service. DHL's latest restricted shipping list (blacklist) download address: 。

2、 Advantages of DHL:

1. DHL's perfect express and logistics services

2. DHL is the world's largest express and logistics network

Employees - more than 285000; Office location - about 6500; Transfer centers, warehouses and terminals - more than 450; Ports - 240; Aircraft - 420; Operation vehicles - 76200; Countries and regions - more than 220; Annual quantity - more than 1.5 billion; Covered destinations - 120000

3. DHL aviation - connects the world by flight. DHL itself has four airlines.

3、 DHL billing (including price, surcharge, tariff)

1) DHL price

Hkdhl volume weight = length cm x width cm x height cm / 5000. If the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, it shall be charged according to the volume weight, that is, the greater shall prevail.

2) DHL surcharge

Remote surcharge: express delivery to remote areas shall be subject to a remote area surcharge (except the United States). The standard is 3.6/kg, the minimum charge per ticket is 180 yuan, and the remote surcharge shall be subject to a fuel surcharge. DHL's query remote website is: , the website inquiry is not 100% accurate, but the DHL bill shall prevail in the end. If the DHL bill shows that it is remote and requires an additional remote fee, our company will automatically charge this remote fee.

Textile expenses: one ticket for textiles plus 50 yuan (60 yuan for the United States and no textiles for Nigeria)

Fuel surcharge: the fuel surcharge of hkdhl has been included in the freight

3) DHL tariff

The specific customs clearance fee shall prevail (generally, the tariff generated by the high declared value will be relatively high, and if the declared value is too low than the actual value, it will also generate relatively high tariff). If the recipient refuses to pay the tariff, the tariff will be automatically borne by the sender.

Note: all goods from DHL to Kazakhstan are only delivered to Ala and guw. In addition to these two cities, relevant customs clearance fees will be charged if they are delivered to other cities in the country. If they are delivered from ala and guw to other cities, additional delivery fees will also be charged

4、 DHL's waybill:

DHL declaration

5、 Prescription

The package is calculated from the time it is delivered to DHL warehouse. With reference to the normal delivery time limit, it is 2-7 working days (at this time, it is effective from the time when the express goes online to the time when the recipient receives the express), except under special circumstances! The delivery time limit is closely related to the customs clearance time and flight arrangement at the destination.

6、 Tracking service

After the goods leave the Internet easy processing center, the receiving record can be seen on the hkdhl query website on the day of passing through the port, the whole process tracking information can be queried on the hkdhl website, and the signing time and person name can be found.

The tracking number can be generated after DHL parts are processed and delivered by our company. Normally, we can access the Internet within 2 working days after delivery. After accessing the Internet, the tracking number provided by our company can be used as reference information for real-time tracking. The query method is as follows:

1) Log in to DHL query website:

2) Click to track by sender's reference information, as shown in the following figure:

3) Fill in the sender's reference information column, that is, the tracking number provided by our company, and then fill in the express date range. From that column, click the tracking button to pull down. Please note that the date in this column should be earlier than the delivery time, as shown in the figure below:

7、 Volume and weight restrictions and Overweight Surcharge

The longest side of a single package shall not exceed 1.2m, and the single package shall not exceed 70kg. For a single package that is too long and overweight, please consult our customer service personnel before delivery.

1) For the goods sent to Nigeria, the weight of a single piece shall not exceed 50kg, and the weight of a single ticket shall not exceed 50kg. It is recommended to split them into multiple tickets, and the weight of each ticket shall not exceed 50kg;

2) For express mail to Angola, the weight of a single piece shall not exceed 50kg, and the weight of a single ticket shall not exceed 250kg;

3) The weight of a single piece sent to Tunisia shall not exceed 30kg, and the weight of a single ticket shall not exceed 40kg;

4) For express mail to Algeria, a single piece cannot exceed 40kg.

The calculation method of extra long and Overweight Surcharge is as follows:

1) One order number (i.e. one ticket), no matter how many pieces, hkdhl will charge a surcharge of 200 as long as the length of one or more pieces on one side exceeds 120cm or the weight exceeds 70kg;

2) No matter how many pieces there are for one order number (i.e. one piece of goods), if the length of one side exceeds 120cm and the weight of the other exceeds 70kg, hkdhl will only charge a surcharge of 200, that is, one order number (i.e. one piece of goods) will only charge a surcharge of 200 at most once, and the fuel surcharge needs to be calculated.

3) If the unilateral length of DHL goods is greater than or equal to 120cm or the billing weight of a single piece is greater than or equal to 70kg, a surcharge of RMB 200 yuan / ticket for oversized and overweight goods shall be levied, and a fuel surcharge shall be added.

8、 Prohibited articles

1) Dangerous goods, liquids, powders, etc. prohibited by aviation. And the state expressly prohibits the export of goods, such as antiques, currencies and other infringing products.

2) Items requiring additional information

A. For sending batteries and articles containing batteries, MSDS certificate and battery letter (original copy shall be provided) (please contact customer service personnel if necessary)

B. Formal purchase invoice or power of attorney shall be provided for mailing famous brand products

9、 Compensation / insurance / other value-added services

1) Compensation standard

For small, out of stock and damaged parcels

If the weight, quantity and number of parcels received by the recipient are inconsistent or damaged, the recipient shall feed back the loss or damage to the destination DHL within 24 hours after receiving the parcel. And provide the filing number registered locally by the recipient to our company within 7 working days for the investigation and claim from DHL. If verified by DHL, the maximum compensation is freight free. The declared value of the compensation package shall not exceed 100usd at most. Partial damage or loss shall be compensated according to the percentage of the actual loss in the total, but the maximum compensation shall not exceed 100usd.

Parcel loss due to customs spot check

When the parcel passes through the customs, the customs opens the parcel for inspection, which may lead to the loss of the parcel, the loss of the items in the parcel (in whole or in part), or seizure by the customs. Internet Express will not bear any responsibility arising therefrom.

2) Insurance

Insurance can be purchased to reduce unforeseen losses. Our company recommends that valuables be insured as much as possible.

10、 Customer order system operation

1) Item description

The actual product name and quantity shall be filled in when declaring the product name. Gifts or sample declarations are not accepted.

2) Declared value

The customer can decide the amount to fill in. It is recommended to declare according to the actual declared value of the goods to avoid high tariffs and fines.

3) Recipient address

Hkdhl does not accept PO Box email address. The recipient's telephone number must be provided. The above information should be filled in English, but not in other languages.

11、 Customer order packaging requirements

Please note that the package should be intact and not easy to be damaged. Try not to carry other irrelevant marks on the outside of the package except the address label. For fragile products, it is best to have the sign of fragile products on the outer package. The address label printed from the Internet easy logistics system must be pasted in the middle of the front of the package. Please pack your package properly to avoid damage in transportation.

12、 Return parts

If the package is returned to the sender due to the recipient's inability to sign, the package cannot enter the destination customs or fails to provide handling opinions within the specified time limit, the freight returned from the destination country to Hong Kong or Shenzhen will be borne by the sender. Internet ease will automatically deduct relevant fees from the sender's account
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